Anderson Septic Tank Inspections

For Peace of Mind, Call Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets in Anderson County!

Is your septic tank in good condition? Find out with a comprehensive, detailed, and thorough inspection from the experts at Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets!

How Our Inspections Work

Every inspection here at Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets starts off with a complete visual walkaround of your entire septic treatment system, including your drain field, your tank lid, the tank water level, and more. We’ll ask you a few questions, such as when your home was built, when the last time you had your system pumped was, and when the last time any major repairs were done (if you know).

Once we have this important information, we can focus on any components that may need a closer look. A more thorough inspection of these particular pieces of your system will help identify any potential damage that may have formed over time — damage that, when left unrepaired, could lead to things getting far worse. 

Book your septic system inspection from Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets! Dial (864) 991-4470 today.

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How Often Should I Book a Septic Inspection?

Here at Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets, we generally recommend having your septic system inspected roughly every three to five years. In fact, we generally recommend most people have an inspection done while they are having their tank pumped. Our crews can take care of both of these services at the same time if it’s been a few years since you had them done.

Older septic tanks, such as systems that are 30 years old or more, should probably be inspected more regularly to ensure they are still functioning properly. Likewise, systems that receive heavier use, such as larger properties or homes housing greater numbers of people, should also be inspected with greater frequency to track wear and tear and keep the system in peak condition. 

Buying or Selling? Schedule an Inspection Today!

Are you looking to purchase a new home with a septic tank system? Do you own a home with a septic tank? Before you make your next move, book an inspection with Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets. A septic inspection can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly what condition your tank and other key components are in, and it may even help you avoid unknowingly purchasing a property that needs some pretty severe septic work. Our team is available for fast inspection appointments, so schedule yours today! 

Put your property in the hands of the local experts at Chastain’s Septic Tank Services and Portable Toilets! Contact us today for more information.

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